Many Fredonia businesses and individuals strive to support our local economy by purchasing Chamber Bucks from the Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce.  Using the program not only helps contribute to city and county tax revenue but also shows Fredonia businesses that the entire community cares about shopping local.  We see people using these for utility bills, fuel purchases, haircuts, groceries, doctor visits, and so much more - there really aren't any limits on where you can use the Chamber Bucks.

Anyone can purchase Chamber Bucks as a personal gift or corporate bonus and there is no fee added to your purchase - the Chamber covers all costs associated with the program.  We can print these gifts for amounts ranging between $5 and $50 each and there is no limit on how many you can purchase.  Need $100 in Chamber Bucks?  Just let us know which denominations you'd like, then simply give us a bit of lead time to create and print and we can have them ready in almost no time at all.

There are only a couple of rules on using the Chamber Bucks at our participating retailers.

           1.  Please use your CBs for at least 75% of the face value. 

                             For example, if you are using a $10 certificate, we require that you purchase no less than $7.50 of goods or services in order to receive                                   change for the difference.  You cannot use a $5 Chamber buck to buy $1.50 beverage; you should use at least $3.75 for your purchase.                                   If your transaction exceeds the face value of the certificate, you will only need to use real cash (or debit/check) for the amount that                                         exceeds the certificate.  If the business you are at does not dispense change for the remainder of your certificate, they will put this on a                                 store credit for you.

            2.  Chamber Bucks have a lifespan of five (5) years.  Please use your gift before the expiration date.  Remember: this is all about SHOPPING LOCAL                   so we'd like to see these dollars get spent!

​            3.  Only legible certificates can be reimbursed by the Chamber Office.  We must be able to read the amount, expiration date, certificate ID, and                         purchaser name.  We cannot reimburse certificates without this information.  If you are presented with a certificate that you cannot read,                             please do not accept it as payment.

Participating businesses do not have to be a Chamber member, so even if you don't see them on our member roster a lot of additional businesses will accept these as a form of payment.  And we're happy about that, because it really is about supporting your friends and neighbors who work hard to keep their doors open. 

Now, there are a handful of businesses who cannot participate.  Reasons vary, from state regulations on their type of business, to accounting software not being set up to process Chamber Bucks.  Those businesses are:

                                Lighthouse Liquor, Casey's General Store, Dollar General, Family Dollar/Dollar Tree,

                                First National Bank, First Oak Bank, and Community National Bank & Trust

At this time, G&W Foods kindly asks that shoppers use the full face value of their certificates.  There has been a recent change to their processing system and their registers do not currently allow them to make change or issue credit for Chamber Bucks.  

If you ever have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or office visit and we'll be happy to help you out!