#1:  Phillip Odell, term expires June 2023

#2:  Virginia Relph, term expires June 2023

#3:  Greg Wells, Chairman, term expires June 2021

#4:  Scott Schultz, term expires June 2021

#5:  Seth Baker, Vice Chairman, term expires June 2022

#6:  Curtis Aylor, term expires June 2022

#7:  Chris Caniglia, term expires June 2022

Ex-Officio:  Kelley Zellner, Fredonia City Administrator, term does not expire

Ex-Officio:  Shannon Thomas, Chamber of Commerce Director, term does not expire

If you have an interest in serving on the Fredonia Economic Development Committee please complete an application which is available at the Fredonia City Hall or the Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce.  An application can also be printed from the City's website, www.fredoniaks.org (direct link to application is http://www.fredoniaks.org/documentcenter/view/172).  Once an opening becomes available it will be advertised publicly and all applicants' information will be presented to the Fredonia City Commissioners for review and appointment consideration.