September 1, 2021

Hi all, it's time for an update. If you are friends with EFD host Michael Holliday on Facebook then you know that he is sick and in the hospital. There have been ups and downs but currently he is really sick and needs prayer.

Michael's situation is bad enough that it is a certainty that he will not be at the fly-in. However, the fly-in is still happening because Michael would have it no other way. As his son Brad said, he would be angry with us if we didn't carry on. We are heavy with concern for Michael, but we are still looking forward to gathering together with you all and sharing the air. There is a crew of helpers that have been managing all the details and we'll have things ready to go. Now we just need you to come fly with us!

Please contact Damon Turner for anything EFD related. Whether you are a vendor/sponsor or a pilot and have questions, please reach out. Michael is out of communication at this time, so if you have tried to reach him with no response, this is why. -Damon Turner

Damon can be reached on Facebook at


Update September 6, 2021:

Friends of Michael Holliday and the Endless Foot Drag,

Michael fought hard but was called home late Saturday night. He was a dear friend to us and to so many of you as well, so this hits hard. Flying was his passion and the Endless Foot Drag continued to grow out of that. We hope you will join us at EFD in a couple weeks to celebrate and honor Michael. He would insist that we gather as friends, have fun, and fly safe.


A tribute to Captain Mike, courtesy of Kris Wheeler