The purpose of the Fredonia Fast Forward program is to aid an existing or new business who will be adding jobs in Fredonia.

This program is funded and made possible through the JOBS Program of the Federal Home Loan Bank, of which First Oak Bank of Fredonia is a member, and the City of Fredonia, both recognizing the importance of business development and job creation.

This is a loan with a low annual interest rate of 2.0% with a maximum of a 4-year maturity and is available in amounts 

from $3,000 to $12,000.  Loans should be collateralized and the borrower should demonstrate the ability to repay the loan.

Repayment of this loan is essential, as a key objective of the Fredonia Fast Forward program is to relend funds to future projects.

Loan applications for this program are available at the Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce and First Oak Bank in Fredonia, or may be printed from this webpage.  You will also need to provide a simple financial statement and your last 3 tax returns.  

All information will remain strictly confidential, and is reviewed only by the program committee which consists of

the First Oak Bank CEO or President, the Fredonia City Administrator, and the Executive Director of the Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce.

Your information will never be shared with anyone outside that committee.